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Spring 1981



We open the new year with a new look and a new name. We open also with a sense of expansion, not only in the staff and in the number of pages we now print, but in the knowledge that we could fill twice this number with features and reports from the field—for the field itself has expanded.

Slightly more than a decade after its beginnings, women's studies has begun to focus on its second and ultimate strategy. The movement, that is to say, has increasingly developed a dual focus: first, to continue the expansion of a body of knowledge about women, and of the curricular development it serves; second, to use the knowledge and the development of new courses to change the education of all. As Carolyn Lougee's essay suggests, women's studies scholars are currently engaged in complex planning aimed at "integrating" women into the "mainstream" curriculum. Whatever language one uses today, whether one claims to be "adding to," "integrating," or "transforming" the curriculum, all such reformation owes its existence to the scholarship in and teaching of women's studies through the past decade.



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