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Urban Education


Juan Battle

Committee Members

Anna Stetsenko

Deborah Shanley


New York, Cultural Studies, Resilience, Mentorship, Urban Studies


Traditionally, Black and Latinx males have lagged their racial counterparts in academic attainment and even persistence. While a myriad of factors affects these outcomes, research points to the importance of student level variables (e.g., demographics and attitudes about college), family level variables (e.g., family support), and school level variables (e.g., school counselors). Much of that research, however, is regional (e.g., only focuses on students in urban or southern locales), cross sectional, lacks strong theoretical grounding, or relies on rudimentary statistical analyses. To address that gap, this dissertation employs the High School Longitudinal Study (HSLS) data set, intersectionality, and critical race theory (CRT) as theoretical frameworks, as well as hierarchical regression modeling to investigate the relative impact of student-level, family support, and school counselors’ domains on the academic attainment in regard to students success in a national sample of Black and Latinx males. Given the findings, recommendations are offered at both individual and institutional levels. By reflecting and rethinking how we can collectively reshape and renovate the landscape of education, I offer a praxis of resilience that recognizes and responds to the challenges Black and Latinx males experience in the academic context.