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We contend that informal leadership (IL)—the type that does not come from an official title or decree—not only helps our organizations function, it can be vital in helping mid-career academic librarians grow and succeed, and such pursuits should be encouraged and supported no matter where they emerge within an organizational structure. We aim to define and explore IL and provide strategies for mid-career librarians who may want to identify, seek out, and step into IL opportunities. We begin our discussion by considering concepts emerging from the literature on leaders and leadership in general and what it means to lead when you are not in a formal management or supervisory role. We explore the various benefits and challenges of IL for mid-career librarians as we describe and discuss specific IL experiences—both our own and those of our survey and interview participants—and how those experiences and opportunities have impacted and supported professional growth and personal enrichment.


Miles, L., & Markgren, S. (2023). Taking advantage of opportunities for informal leadership. In B. K. West & E. Galoozis (Eds.), Thriving as a Mid-Career Librarian: Identity, Advocacy, and Pathways (pp. 283-298). Association of College & Research Libraries.



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