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The General Chemistry 1 (SCC 201) course has been designated for the core competency of Inquiry and Problem Solving along with the Written Communication Ability. These abilities are best observed in the laboratory section of the course where SCC 201 students are asked to submit weekly written lab reports that range in chemistry topics from chemical structures to the chemical analysis of polluted environments. SCC 201 will be implementing a new experiment in the laboratory portion of the course entitled, “Thermochemistry: Heat of Neutralization and Hess’s Law.” The design of the experiment incorporates many elements of LaGCC’s Core Competencies and Communication Abilities, as well as programmatic and course learning objectives both on the departmental and college levels. Natural Sciences major STEM students who successfully complete the thermochemistry lab and write a corresponding satisfactory lab report, will have engaged in two of the program goals, four of the student learning objectives and seven of the course objectives (Please refer to the assignment). The SCC 201 course lies in the midpoint Core Competency program curriculum map for both the Biology and Environmental Science programs and accounts for 3.5% of the final SCC 201 grade. Students will spend 3 hours completing the experiment in lab and in addition spend an estimated 3-4 hours completing the lab write-up. This lab was developed in the Natural Sciences programmatic integration CTL mini-grant seminar. The creation of the lab involved an initial discussion with members of the chemistry programmatic team to outline a common theme between SCC 201, SCC 202 and SCC 251. It was agreed upon that the central topic of thermodynamics would be implemented throughout the designated labs.

LaGuardia’s Core Competencies and Communication Abilities


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