Student Theses

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Fall 12-4-2022

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First Advisor

Roslyn Bologh


Many people get scared when they hear about how much technology runs the world today. They tend to get frightened when they go to a store and have to use a selfcheckout instead of a cashier. Parents are scared of the dangers of the internet and how it will affect their children, so they tend to try to prevent/limit their children’s usage of the internet and other technologies. However, that may not always be the right move. Technology can not be avoided; it is a part of our everyday lives. With proper guidance and teachings, children can learn how to safely use technology and use it to succeed in many different aspects of life. It can be an irreplaceable tool in their academic studies as well as developing social skills. My thesis discusses its advantages and illustrates why it is so important for children to learn about technology as they grow up.



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