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The influence of direct current (DC) stimulation on radioactive calcium trafficking in sciatic nerve in vivo and in vitro, spinal cord, and synaptosomes was investigated. The exposure to DC enhanced calcium redistribution in all of these preparations. The effect was dependent on the strength of the stimulation and extended beyond the phase of exposure to DC. The DC-induced increase in calcium sequestration by synaptosomes was significantly reduced by cobalt and rupture of synaptosomes by osmotic shock. Although both anodal and cathodal currents were effective, the experiments with two electrodes of different areas revealed that cathodal stimulation exerted stronger effect. The exposure to DC induced not only relocation but also redistribution of calcium within segments of the sciatic nerve. Enzymatic removal of sialic acid by preincubation of synaptosomes with neuroaminidase, or carrying out the experiments in sodium-free environment, amplified DC-induced calcium accumulation.


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