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Summer 1974


The essay that follows answers some of the questions posed in last issue's Editorial. It was first read at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association in August 1973. Comments in the form of correspondence or essays will be welcome.

The Women's Studies Program at the University of South Florida completed its first full year of operation in August 1973; and concomitantly, I concluded my first year as an administrator of the Program. Is administering a women's studies program any different from administering a history or an economics department? In some respects not. All department chairpersons and program directors share some of the same problems and concerns. Looking back, I feel I have spent an inordinate amount of time on such. matters as budget, scheduling classes, enrollment, and other details, partly because I had a lot to learn, and partly because of the requirements of a new program which became operational all at once, with no precedents for guidance, or history of gradual growth and development.



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