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Ionophoric Polyphenols are Permeable to the Blood Brain Barrier, Interact with Human Serum Albumin and Calf Thymus DNA, and Inhibit AChE Enzymatic Activity
Alberto Martinez, Mai Zahran, Miguel Gomez, Johnny Guevara, Rosemary Pichardo-Bueno, Junaid Asim, Gabriel Ortiz, Yaa Andoh, Sinji Shibutani, and Baljit Kaur


Exercise Behavior and Mood during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Taiwan: Lessons for the Future
Yu-Kai Chang, Chiao-Ling Hung, Sinika Timme, Sanaz Nosrat, and Chien-Heng Chu


3D Bionic Arm
Anny Baez Silfa


Brooklyn and the Bicycle
David V. Herlihy

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